Who We Are

Formed in 2015, Conigital stands for ‘Connected Digital’. We are a Deep Tech, AI Driverless Vehicle Company developing our full-stack “Lift and Shift” driverless vehicle platform ConICAV™ for any vehicle type. As part of our roadmap, we have developed ConOPTIUM™; our PaaS offering for actionable decision making support at scale.

ConICAV™ : “Lift and shift” Driverless Vehicle Platform

Driverless Vehicle Platform - ConICAV™
Driverless Vehicle Platform - ConICAV™

ConOPTIUM™: Big Data, Optimisation & Decision Support Platform

Our  Multi-Objective AI Optimisation and Automation Decision platform is gaining traction in associated industries:

CityBeat - Smart City Platform


ZEUSed - Optimised Energy Platform


OptiPipe - Industry 4.0: Digital Factories


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    iCentrum, Innovation Birmingham Campus,
    Holt Street, Birmingham Science Park Aston,
    Birmingham, B7 4BP
    Company Number: 09696591

    CONIGITAL PTY LTD (Australia)
    ACN Number: 636 362 742
    100 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo,
    NSW, 2000

    CONIGITAL (India)
    157E, SBI Staff Colony,
    Vijayanagar, Bangalore,
    560040, India

  • +44 (0) 843 289 0874
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