Our Story

2015 The Birth of Conigital

Conigital: Connected Digital

After years within technology consultancy, it was not until Don Dhaliwal (Conigital Founder) became part of the Institute of Design & Economic Acceleration (IDEA) think-tank,  that he found his true passion for creating a more connected future within transport. This was where Don was first exposed to the problem that all cities and citizens face in their everyday lives: the movement of people, goods and their resultant inefficiencies, and cities’ ambitions and needs to reduce costs and their carbon footprints by going Zero – Zero emissions, Zero Congestion and Zero accidents – creating a safer, cleaner, smarter and more sustainable environment for its citizens.

As a result, Don formed Conigital (the Connected Digital company) in 2015.  Conigital has embarked on their mission to disrupt the transport industry through a vision of greener, more efficient mobility for all, and to create democratised autonomy and AI, in order to empower society by accelerating the introduction of seamless clean travel, providing accessible and integrated automated transport services for all.

Our task is to provide an all-inclusive mobility blueprint to futureproof transport for cities, combining our four key tenets of connectivity, reliability, efficiency, and accessibility for all; because we believe mobility is the very lifeblood of any economy.

2020 The Future of Conigital

Fast forward five years; whilst celebrating their first milestone, Conigital are now established as a key international player within the smart mobility marketplace. Through affordable vehicle autonomy and a suite of services that enable transport authorities and organisations to optimize their fleets and provide a seamless consumer journey from door to door. Conigital have developed their own propriety algorithms to empower those businesses to manage their fleets and operations more effectively and efficiently. Therefore, improving routing and asset management to reduce their costs and carbon footprint.

Conigital have forged key partnerships with major OEMs, private businesses, Academic institutions and governmental organisations, both domestic and internationally.  Some of our most notable achievements in this relatively short time period are the automation of two utility vehicles; one of which shall be used as part of a ride-sharing scheme in partnership with the government in New South Wales, Australia. Secondly, the automation of an airport shuttle bus. The purpose of which is to transport passengers from a long stay car park to the main airport terminal and a Smart mobility framework to convert any brownfield site into a smart city with futureproofed intelligent mobility integrating driverless vehicles taking into consideration the infrastructure requirements below, on and above ground.

Conigital Technology Core Suite
Automation & Optimisation for Operational Excellence

We offer a turnkey, automated and optimised integration of CAVs into a local transport system. Utilising AI and machine learning techniques, our ConICAV™ integrated solution improves asset management, customer experience and operational efficiency. This means increased safety, higher efficiency and a reduction in wasted time and a significant step towards on-demand MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and FaaS (Freight as a Service) solutions.


Our “Lift and Shift” Driverless Vehicle Platform


In-Vehicle Concierge, Infotainment and Entertainment


Passenger Mobility Application


Operational Asset Management Platform

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